Michael R. Sidener, Jr. - President & CEO
Mr. Sidener has eighteen years of experience in the themepark industry. Mr. Sidener started in the themepark industry in a management role at Six Flags-Astroworld, with CVC Investments, Inc., Six Flags’ concessionarire for food and beverage distribution.
After Six Flags-Astroworld closed in 2005, Mr. Sidener knew that America’s fourth largest city could not be without a family-oriented entertainment facility, so he founded RCS in 2006. He designed RCS’ flagship themepark with due consideration for cost, accessibility, fun, best practices, and above all, safety.

Samuel E. Whitley - Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Mr. Whitley is the managing partner of Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law, a Houston law firm that represents businesses worldwide in corporate and securities law, commercial litigation, intellectual property, tax, employment, and other business-related matters. Mr. Whitley has special expertise in the finance and real estate sectors.
Mr. Whitley negotiates financings on behalf of RCS for its flagship themepark project. He also negotiates joint venture agreements for other projects on which RCS collaborates. He also advises RCS management on various matters such as corporate governance, negotiation of contracts with vendors, and employment issues.


Board of Directors

Michael R. Sidener - Chairman
Samuel Whitley - Director
Robin Clinton - Director